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What LMWF Does

Our preferred legal vendor, LMWF has been advising clients for over 55 years in all areas critical to new and emerging growth businesses—from formation, capital structures, financing transactions and intellectual property matters, to executive compensation. LMWF also has recognized expertise in advising later-stage companies and family-owned businesses with respect to succession plans, shareholder agreements, financings, business operations support, family compensation, conflict resolution and estate planning.

Our preferred legal vendor, LMWF takes a holistic approach to advising clients by pairing its attorneys’ deep legal expertise with business acumen. As noted Silicon Valley attorney Craig Johnson observed, “By enlisting the services of an experienced business attorney and law firm, [a leader] can be introduced to potential investors and board members who otherwise would not be willing to spend the time… Silicon Valley can be thought of as a network of networks, with certain people acting as gatekeepers. The successful business lawyer is one of the gatekeepers. Others in the network value their judgment and experience.” 

LMWF Startup & Venture Capital Services


If you have a business, a product or an idea that you think would have widespread appeal, LMWF can guide you through the formation process by providing cost-efficient startup incorporation packages.

Corporate Restructuring

Whether you are a growing business that needs to convert from an LLC to a C corporation for financing purposes, or you need help restructuring your business into a syndicate or platform opportunity, LMWF’s attorneys can help.


LMWF’s attorneys regularly assist clients with preparing all of the necessary onboarding paperwork—from consulting and employment agreements, to equity incentive plans, to non-compete agreements.

Intellectual Property & Licensing

Companies specializing in technology and life sciences often require sophisticated advice on intellectual property matters. LMWF provides intellectual property strategy and management guidance, trademarking and related services.


LMWF works closely with physicians, medical groups, affinity groups, early-stage companies and others on a wide range of matters.  From establishing new innovation centers, creating “Friendly PC” structures, and advising on telemedicine platforms, to forming vehicles to invest in cutting-edge technologies and devices, LMWF helps clients navigate the increasingly complex federal and state rules governing the delivery, financing and regulation of healthcare services.

Government Regulations

LMWF guides companies through the ever-evolving and complex web of government regulations, including the FDA, the SEC and the USFDA.


Whether it’s Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B or beyond, LMWF can efficiently and affordably prepare all the documents you need to complete a successful financing.


As a full-service law firm, LMWF can assist you with a myriad of other legal services, including real estate, litigation, banking, immigration, etc.

General Counsel / Retainer Work

LMWF’s attorneys often function as “in-house” counsel for its clients, by providing flat-rate packages for a dedicated attorney resource.

LMWF Later-Stage & Family Business Services

Succession Plans

LMWF helps leaders craft succession plans that address all aspects of succession, including buy-sell agreements, company and family governance documents, family charters and employment policies.


LMWF regularly assists clients with debt and equity financings—whether straightforward or a complex capital stack.

Mergers & Acquisitions

LMWF has a deeply experienced bench of M&A attorneys who are adept at handling all aspects of any sale transaction—from strategic deals, cross-border transactions, divestitures and spin-offs, strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions, to licenses and joint ventures.

Trusts & Estates

LMWF’s Trusts & Estates group of creative planners and tax advisors will ensure your estate plan meets your goals. Its attorneys can help you with everything from drafting a straightforward power of attorney to meeting with you and your financial team to develop an aggressive, tailored tax planning strategy.


LMWF’s tax attorneys focus on federal income and estate tax matters, representing individuals, private companies and others with respect to transactional tax and tax planning, as well as trust and estate tax issues.