Our Value in Capital Raising

Whether you are a startup or multi-generational family business, our platform allows us to raise funding for companies at all stages for all purposes.

Why Varia?

Transition-as-a-Service (“TaaS”)™

We bundle a suite of services to assist you with positioning your company for the next stage—whether succession or exit.  From people planning, to financial planning, we help you develop your strategy, implement and communicate your plan, value your business, and prepare for your next chapter.

Diligence-as-a-Service (“DaaS”)™

Leveraging our technology platform, deep venture experience and robust network, we help organizations identify diligence and value innovations from around the Globe—we call it Diligence-as-a-Service (“DaaS”)™.

Fundraising-as-a-Service (“FaaS”)™

We help you manage your fundraising process and investors so you can focus on your business—we call it “Fundraising-as-a-Service (“Faas”)™! We bundle a full suite of services that simplify, expedite and consolidate the process—from helping you identify the right strategy and refining your pitch deck and storytelling skills, to managing the fundraising process through our proprietary network of investors. At the end, you have your cash in hand, one entity investor on your cap table, and a limited investor relations burden. A win-win-win.

Strong Network

We have an experienced team of professionals, as well as a growing network of corporate partners, industry experts and “fractional” C-suite executives that are prepared to function as an extension of your team. Paired with our proprietary network of high net-worth angel investors, national venture funds, family offices, strategic investors and foreign investors, we provide the support, talent and capital needed to drive investor confidence.

Investor Trust

We’ve established trust with a broad investor base through our commitment to providing them with well-vetted, compelling opportunities.

Flexible Structure

Our structure allows you to aggregate small(er) investments in one entity that we establish and manage, keeping your cap table clean for future financing rounds, while reducing your investor relations burden.

Some of Our Clients


Cancer Therapeutics

Entering randomized clinical trials. Collaborations with Merck and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Source: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


Viridi Parente

Clean Energy

Developing renewable power systems for multiple applications in collaboration with industry leaders.

Source: Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP


Buffalo Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Developing revolutionary technology to help businesses automate movement, including for ships, boats and trucks.

Source: University at Buffalo


What We Help You Create

Business opportunity that “makes sense” in today’s “post-pandemic” economic environment.


Compelling business, financial and revenue models.


Near-term catalyst opportunities.


Experienced leadership with track record of success.


Support from a strategic investor or industry expert.


Reasonable investment terms and conditions.


Plan to limit or manage need for future additional capital (to manage dilution).


Compelling exit opportunities of 10x invested capital—or greater.

Users (“you”) understand and agree that to the extent that Varia and/or its affiliates have been engaged by you to assist with your capital raising activities, Varia and its affiliates are acting as consultants, pursuant to which they charge either hourly fees or flat fees for consulting services provided to you to help you prepare for your capital raise, including the time and expense of introducing you to Varia’s network of strategic and financial investors (including webisodes).  However, Varia does not guarantee success, such consulting fees are payable to Varia whether or not the capital raise is successful, it is not acting as a broker or dealer, and will not perform services or receive success fees which would require it to become licensed as a broker or dealer.